• 刺猬大作战年底更新0.9.15版本


    • 新主题:圣诞
    • 新武器2个:钻头空袭、Mudball
    • 新游戏模式:夺旗模式(?)、无跳跃模式、随机武器模式
    • 可以自己“画”地图
    • 别的自己看吧


     Frozen hog!    Winter has never looked this cool

    • There’s a new theme to chill in: Christmas!
    • Let it snow! Watch the ground on maps using the Christmas and Snow themes, because the falling snow may change it to your advantage or disadvantage.

    Deagle! New weapons

    • Are your enemies busy digging for oh-so-tasty earthworms instead of facing combat? Time to send a Drill Strike after them!
    • You want to push somebody from distance? Weapons are too expensive for you? You like to play in dirt or snow? A Mud Ball* should do the trick! (*wind effected; not recommended to be used as food replacement)

        Yellow Cap!    Optional Gameplay modes

    • Capture the Flag! Bring your enemy’s flag to your home while protecting your own!
    • No Jumping! The temporary loss of floor contact makes you feel insecure? Then play without jumping and see new strategies evolve!
    • Random Weapon! You want to test your luck and skill? Then let the game give you and your enemies a random weapon each turn!

        Shocking    Draw your own maps

    • YES, you read that right! Now you can create and save your own hand-drawn maps and play them on any theme you want and with who you want! Note: Please do not use maps with motives not suitable for children on the official server, thanks!

        Ushanka!    Missions and new Mission Map

    • Prove yourself worthy by mastering the missions Dangerous ducklings, Diver, Spooky Tree and Teamwork!
    • Fight your friends or foes on the new Capture The Flag: Blizzard map!

    GeekNew Game Modifiers

    • Disable Wind if you prefer a nice calm over having your stuff blown away.
    • More Wind will do the exact opposite and will make wind affect more things than usual!
    • Rope Length set the rope length anywhere from 25% up to 10x the default length. Just keep in mind: longer is not always better.

        Health Pickup    And there is more!

    • New hats beaver, porkey and sheep.
    • Improved Interface Lets you access and modify your game settings more easily.
    • Have your hogs speak! (chat bubbles) Even if it’s not your turn! Just type your chat message in “quotes”. (First digit in text will decide which one of your hogs will speak)
    • ReadyTimer Gives you a few seconds to swap places in hotseat matches or just to realize it’s YOUR turn without already losing precious turn-time.
    • More and prettier effects Because we all love them!
    • Improved Lua Support All power to the scripters!
    • Seed modification Gives you the possibility to play a game with different or exact the same “random” placements and events as before.
    • Check out the ChangeLog if you want to see a more complete list of the changes.

    原文: http://hedgewars.org/node/2672

  • 刺猬大作战0.9.14.1终于发布 附新武器演示




    New devastating weapons!

    Show no mercy and let your hedgehog army fry, smash, poison and destroy your enemies like never before!
    Not only will the Flamethrower, Hammer, Sticky Mines and Old Limburger take your sadism to a new level, they will also let you forge new strategies for giving your challenger a hard time.  

    And if you are willing to sacrifice a hog for a good cause then you’ll truly enjoy to wreak havoc behind enemy lines using the Piano Strike!  

    New powerful utilities!

    You are lazy AND smart? You’ll love the Portal Gun! Move yourself, hogs and things from A to B etc. and back! Be daring, be creative, be nasty! 😀
    Also don’t mourn your fallen hogs too much, because now you get a chance to bring them back to life using the Resurrector! Take care not to revive hogs that you want to stay dead though!  

    New Maps and Themes

    Nowhere to run to, no place to hide!
    Fight your enemies in the jungle, at construction sites, on stage and even in the minds of artists!  

    Improved interface and Lobby

    We don’t only want you to have fun during the game, but also on the way getting there!
    The new lobby should now do a better job of helping you to find the game you’re looking for!  

    Improved Lua Scripting Support

    New chances to have your visions become brutal reality and fun for the community!  

    And there is more!

    Prettier fire and effects!
    Projectiles being fired from the weapons’ actual barrels!
    More hats and new Forts!
    Better stats!
    Tweaked weapon and utility behaviours!  

    Still not enough?!

    Then go check out to http://code.google.com/p/hedgewars/source/browse/ChangeLog.txt to see a more complete list of the additions and changes!  

    Well, that’s about it, have fun kicking some serious butt guys!  

    Known issues:  

    Especially the development of the portal gun has proven tricky, so be prepared for (hopefully) funny glitches 😛  

    Those will be hopefully removed in 0.9.15, which I promise* won’t be such a long wait again!
    If you find an issue that’s not listed on http://code.google.com/p/hedgewars/issues/list , please submit it there!




  • 刺猬大作战Hedgewars 0.9.13 发布






    Sat, 04/03/2010 – 17:23 — Tiyuri

    It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here (if a few days late). We’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to make this the most polished, the most exciting and the most fun Hedgewars release ever.

    There’s a lot to see, so either read the changelog below or simply head to the download page now and grab it!

    Below is a summary of the new features, this is not a complete changelog

    • many bug fixes
    • speed optimisations
    • many new hats, hats visible while using rope and blowtorch
    • Exploding barrels
    • AI uses new weapons, aware of fire, can fight in artillery mode
    • New options in ammo editing – crate probability, delays
    • option of semi-opaque hog name tags to avoid fail when land is hidden by name
    • new British voicepack
    • notification sound when people join your room
    • translation updates
    • contextual help when using weapons menu
    • 3d effect for waves
    • fade effect when starting/stopping game
    • new game modes – place hedgehog, king mode, randomise starts, allies share ammo, disable girders
    • shift + direction to turn without moving
    • view ammo menu when not your turn
    • new font for CJK text and better CJK detection
    • dud mines
    • hat reservation for donators (hats should be released to public in 6 months or so)
    • team flags
    • visual effects: dust on fall impact, smoke, shotgun shells, blink team name on start of turn, hogs pulling weapons out, falling flakes kicked by explosion and more
    • hogs react to throwing grenades / dynamite and when near them
    • graphic of crate contents when picking up weapon/utility
    • walk sound for hedgehogs
    • UFO changed to homing bee
    • splashes/droplets when things fall in the water
    • 45 degree bounce when throwing grenades
    • new bounce sounds
    • information on game rules when starting game
    • knockball map (scripted map)
    • Birdy weapon and poisoning effect
    • maze generator for new random maps
    • new crazy map template
    • new Olympics, Desert themes, visual updates to many other themes
    • Background texture for land for a 3d effect on explosions
    • frontend able to delete teams
    • ignore/friends lists in frontend
    • alt weapon preview on rope, parachute
    • updated options in frontend: independent toggles for frontend/game sound/music, select locale
    • More
    • lua scripting
      Lua scripting allows the easy creation of missions and special maps. Examples of this can be seen in the Knockball and Basketball maps, that are now scripted

    We hope you enjoy this release, as always we look forwards to your feedback, we hope you have lots of fun and we’ll see you all on the server.
    Expect a new tournament soon!

    另一个changelog: http://fireforge.net/scm/viewvc.php/*checkout*/trunk/ChangeLog.txt?revision=3268&root=hedgewars

  • 刺猬战争的百战天虫声音包下载


    把文件解压到 Hedgewars 0.9.10\share\hedgewars\Data\Sounds\voices 目录下即可

    下载地址见论坛 http://ki11jm.5d6d.com/thread-1773-1-1.html